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System Status and Known Issues

PartsTech System Status: No Issues Reported

No issues have been reported see below for a list of supplier specific issues and a list of known issues. If you are experiencing any issues please reach out to PartsTech Support.

Supplier Issues: No New Issues Reported

See Below for a list of ongoing known issues with suppliers on PartsTech

Known Issues by Supplier

  • NAPA Auto Parts

    Known Issues: Some users report seeing less inventory through PartsTech than they do through PROLink. Currently, PartsTech can only display inventory from their Primary Napa location and the connected DC. We are currently working on a system enhancement that will display the alternate Napa location inventory similar to what users see through PROLink. This enhancement should be pushed out to all users before the end of 2021.


    Known Issues: Some users will see "Special Order" when trying to add parts to the cart. This happens when the users SpeedDIAL account is not connected to the "WP catalog." 

    How to Fix it: Submit a request by email to including your WORLDPAC customer number, and indicate you would like to be changed to the WP catalog and understand this change means you will no longer see the OEM part numbers through your SpeedDIAL catalog.

  • Parts Authority / IMC

    Known Issues: Users who receive Parts Authority / IMC inventory by drop shipping are not able to be connected through PartsTech. Currently, our integration with Parts Authority doesn't support drop shipping. We are working with the supplier to allow these users to connect but do not have a timeline for this enhancement at this time.