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Automotive Parts Ordering from Unlimited Suppliers

PartsTech helps automotive repair shops find the right parts and tires fast, with over 30K supplier locations to search from. PartsTech is free to use and allows unlimited supplier connections so you can see inventory in real time. This process saves you time and helps you with your relationships with local parts suppliers.

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Parts + Tires, All in One Platform

That's right, in addition to aftermarket parts, you can now quickly search and find tires all in one place. We provide online ordering for tires from dozens of national tire distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

Hear what PartsTech users have to say 

“That’s why Lucas and I both use Partstech at our shops. It’s one site to see all of our vendors. With one click, we can import parts and order them from multiple vendors all at once.”

David Roman,

Podcast Host & Owner - Done With Care Auto Repair

With PartsTech, I can look up availability and see how quickly I can get parts to my shop so I can get my technicians to install it, and that means that another job comes in the door a lot quicker than calling many different suppliers finding out where these parts are going to come from.

Brian Ledger,

Owner & Operator - Lou's Custom Exhaust

Fast and Easy Search - Because Time is Money

PartsTech makes it easy to find the right parts fast. Search by VIN or license plate, ensuring an accurate order. PartsTech works on all of your devices and allows you to see your preferred local suppliers first. Minimize your order time by seeing everything in one place instead of opening multiple tabs or searching individual sites.

A Catalog That's Always up to Date

PartsTech is powered by our own industry-leading catalog consisting of 15M+ parts and growing. Since we are cloud-based, you’re always working off of the latest and greatest product information. Log on from anywhere and see real-time pricing and detailed product information from any device. We are constantly updating our catalog data and are providing new and updated information faster than anyone in the industry.

Our Shop Management System Partners

Build a work order and add parts without having to leave your SMS. Not only does PartsTech work as a standalone, but we've partnered with 30+ shop management systems so that you can build ROs fast without having to jump in between windows.

What Is Your Time Worth?

There is a real labor cost to sourcing parts the old way. Our Time Savings Calculator shows you how the hours saved by using PartsTech to search for parts equates to thousands of dollars saved each year. Plug in your will be shocked by what you see.

Right Now:

750 Hours, $15,000
Per Year

With PartsTech:

100 Hours, $2,000
Per Year

You save 650 Hours and $13,000 every year

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