Omnique & PartsTech

Shop for tires and parts together from one easy-to-use platform that's fully integrated with your Omnique software.

Maximize Efficiency & Profitability

Omnique is the premier shop management software solution for the automotive repair industry. The Omnique shop management system was designed by shop owners just like you to maximize both efficiency and profitability. Like any other tool in your toolbox, Omnique is proven to be fast and flexible and will enable you to grow as your needs change. When it comes to parts and tires ordering, Omnique connects directly to PartsTech! PartsTech makes it easy to find parts and tires fast across all of your suppliers in one easy-to-use search.

Key Features

  • Integrated parts and tires ordering, DVI, and accounting: Everything you need to run your shop effectively is available within their cloud-based solution.
  • Comprehensive customer tracking: View and analyze the entire service history for every customer, including all of your fleet accounts.
  • Invite to Pay: Send your customer their invoice via text message or email so they can pay from wherever they are at their convenience - perfect for doing business remotely.

PartsTech Tires: All of Your Suppliers, All In One Place.

PartsTech puts all of your aftermarket parts & tire suppliers in one easy to use look-up. One click shows you live wholesale pricing and local inventory from all of your suppliers. PartsTech directly integrates with Omnique, so you can build an RO and add parts in one seamless workflow.

Ready To Get Started? Here's How.

  1. Create & configure your PartsTech account
  2. Add a PartsTech Tires subscription
  3. Have your Omnique Customer Success Rep connect your PartsTech account
  4. Check out this video on how to order parts & tires through Omnique

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