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You Can’t Sell More Parts If They’re Not Seen. With PartsTech, They Will Be.


Parts manufacturers have one mission…to move as many parts as possible to the widest audience available. If your catalog is not selling at the levels you need it to, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what channels you are using and whether or not they are best suited to help your end user find and purchase your parts over another brand.

Could it be time to explore new options?

PartsTech offers a cloud-based, online parts search that connects your parts with over 20,000 distributors. We built our platform to give manufacturers the latest in next generation data capabilities. We also fully ACES & PIES compliant.

Why Does All This Matter?

When rethinking how you get your product line out to the market, it’s important to understand how the choice of who is listing your catalog can have a downstream effect all the way to your end user…the repair shop who is fixing a car.

Let’s look at this from the bottom up… a small shop has a repeat customer drop off their late model Ford for a new starter. This car has to be off the lift by 4pm so there is no time to waste.

The shop manager pulls up PartsTech through their SMS system and is immediately able to source starters between his favorite 5 suppliers in town. They gets to see rich product attributes, critical fitment information, robust images, in depth descriptions, pricing, and availability! Everything they needs to know is right there, all in one window.

They get the part within the hour and the car is done before the promised estimate.

But guess what? It wasn’t your starter he bought. Why? Because it never came up in PartsTech. Someone else got the sale.

It’s Time for Something Better. It’s Time for PartsTech.

PartsTech is in tune with the changing dynamics in parts ordering and we understand the challenges manufacturers have in getting their lines out to a wider audience. We also know that there has not been a lot of innovation in this space.

There are many ‘fly by night’ companies out there trying to get your data and not offering the tech capabilities that are necessary in this rapidly evolving industry. Think about the last time you heard from a true B2B company with a unique platform designed to make it easy and cost effective to get your products into as many shops as possible. You haven’t.

Why? Because there is only one of us. PartsTech is connected to individual shops, SMS platforms, distributors, and yes, many manufacturers like you. Our service was built from the ground up with the future of the repair industry in mind. We are that different.

And while we know there are other players in the industry that have been there for years, we don’t necessarily have to replace those channel partners. PartsTech can be a fresh and innovative alternative to getting your products out in front of more shops than ever before.

One More Thing…

While PartsTech is big enough to help you with all the technical steps to get your catalog loaded into our platform, we are also small enough to understand that the relationships with our partners should always come first. You will get to know us and we will get to know you. We believe that still matters, even in a fast-paced industry like ours.

If you would like more information on having your product line featured within PartsTech,Contact us for a demo.