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Turn Tires Into Profits This Winter!

Repair Shops

The Holiday season is upon us! With winter right around the corner, those of us in the Northern parts of the US are dusting off our winter coats and cursing that 4 letter word (Snow.) Winter weather is unavoidable, but slick roads and snowstorms are Mother Nature's way of bringing you new business! Are you making the most of this free marketing?

Curb the Holiday Slowdown With PartsTech Tires!

It's simple, safe drivers make repeat customers. The right tires can be the difference between a close call or a junkyard. That's something you feel the moment you get behind the wheel on a slick road. If you're equipped to offer tire services you can turn the holiday slowdown into a profit center with PartsTech Tires! 

When the going gets rough, quality winter tires keep your customer's vehicle on the road in more ways than one. Good winter tires can make a big difference on most vehicles. In many cases, snow tires can make a marked improvement in winter traction, even on FWD vehicles. When your customer is stuck in a snowbank spinning a bald set of All-Seasons they might start thinking about that holiday sale at the dealership downtown and that new AWD SUV. The right recommendation at a fair price will keep a customer coming back, especially if they've never had a set of winter tires before.

Winter tires make for safer and more confident drivers when the temperature heads south. Plus, with 2 sets of tires, you can get that customer on the books for another appointment come springtime! You win the sale and get a repeat customer in the process.

In an article for Fixed Ops Journal Scott Mueller, CEO of Dealer Tire, explains how tires can be a powerful retention tool. “People who buy tires at a dealership will buy 2.5 times more service over the life of the vehicle,” he says. “they’ll visit dealers three times as much." “Tires are the first defection point,” he adds. “If you ignore them, customers go down the street to a Firestone or a Belle Tire. And they are not coming back.”

It Just Makes "Cents"

Customers need to understand that there's a bit more to tires than sticking a penny into the treads. Luckily, educating customers, selling service, and putting safer vehicles back on the road is what you do best. PartsTech Tires gives you the tools you need to make the best recommendation to your customer. Important attributes like Tire Grade, Speed Rating, and warranty information are right there at a glance thanks to catalog information powered by TireConnect.

Most of us only think about tires when we wake up to a flat. Buying a new set of tires is often tied to a bad day and an unexpected expense. We need to flip the script. To our customers, a $1,200 bill after a bad pothole can feel like adding insult to injury. Instead, good tires are an investment in the safety and reliability of a vehicle. With the proper maintenance and a good warranty (including road hazard), good tires are designed to last tens of thousands of miles.

Christmas Comes Early!

As our industry recovers from the pandemic, PartsTech wants to help you finish this year stronger than ever. That's why we're excited to offer a 20% discount on a year's subscription to PartsTech Tires. That's a savings of $96! 

PartsTech Tires makes it easier than ever to see all of your wholesale tire vendors in one look-up. With all of your parts and tires vendors in one look-up, you can build an RO and add a set of tires to the job in seconds.

We want to help you make the upsell this season. PartsTech Tires puts all of your options on the table so that you can make better, more informed decisions for your customers. PartsTech Tires instantly pulls in the OE tire sizes for that vehicle by VIN (even staggered wheels!)

Results are sorted by price, low-to-high. You can find what you need fast with our one-click filters. Quickly sort by season, brand, warranty, run-flat/non-run-flat & more! 

Increase your average ticket size, and keep customers on the road and coming back this winter with PartsTech Tires.

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