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Why HandKind is awesome and how to get it free at #AAPEX2016


What's worse than finding yourself underneath a car, hands covered in gear oil, and realizing that you need to pick-up the phone or log-on to the computer to find a part. Nothing worse than a smartphone or keyboard with a light coat of 90 weight.  That smell... That's why I was stoked when a friend of mine recently turned me on to HandKind Scrub.

It's the same stuff that EricTheCarGuy reviewed. If you haven't heard of this stuff, it's a heavy duty hand cleaner that cuts through grime like a Gojo or ZEP. What's cool about HandKind over other scrubs is that leaves your hands feeling awesome. I'm told it has something to do with crushed walnuts. Don't ask me how.

You don't typically see this stuff in auto parts stores, so we reached out to Kinderma ( makers of HandKind - they're nearby in Rocky Hill, CT) to see if they had any plans to offer this to repair shops. Turns out, they are already in a few parts stores in the Northeast and working on getting this product out to more folks in the aftermarket. They offered to send us some bottles to give-away at our booth at #AAPEX2016. Obviously, we said hell yes.

Stop By Booth 30011 at #AAPEX2016 to pick up a free HandKind Scrub bottle.

We have over 100 24-ounce bottles and a ton of samples that we'll be giving away at our booth (Booth 30011 in the Automotive Technology Section). Stop by to get yours.

Degrease. Degrime. Search Clean.

So there you have it. Two high-performance, heavy-duty tools designed for repair shops. HandKind cleans your hands. PartsTech cleans up the parts ordering process.