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Search by Plate With Partstech

Repair Shops

Save yourself the hassle, search by plate!

Here’s how.

Search once and see all of your vendors all in one place.

With PartsTech simply enter the customer’s plate number in our system, we’ll handle the rest. In seconds PartsTech will lookup that vehicle all the way down to trim level and engine code. order with confidence no hassle, no confusion.

Quote customers over the phone.

When a customer calls in asking for a quote you can get them an estimate over the phone. We spoke with Jeff Noe, Shop Manager at Cottman Transmission in St. Charles, Missouri.  Jeff uses online ordering to quote customers over the phone. “You just add your labor to it and the customer has a pretty quick quote, really fast. It’s really made that a lot easier. The times of ‘I’ll get back with you in a little while’ and when you hang up the phone, the guy’s calling the next shop.” By using online ordering Jeff is able to secure business in a competitive market.

“Is it an SE or an LT?”

Modern cars have more trim levels and engine types than a phone book. We’ve all been in a situation where the car on the lift is an SE but the parts in hand are for an LT. With PartsTech ordering parts is no longer a guessing game. When u search by plate on PartsTech we handle the paperwork. We search through the state DMV and automatically enter the results. Search once and see all of your preferred distributors all in one place.

No plates? Search by VIN.

Looking for a VIN specific part? We’ve got you covered. Simply type in the VIN number and in seconds we’ll decode it. Start ordering without the wait.

Try it out!

So what are you waiting for? Try it out today!