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Search for Parts Where YOU Are.

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Search for Parts Where YOU Are.

80% of Americans use a smartphone. Chances are you do, too. We love them, we curse them (sometimes), but they are very much a part of our daily lives now. It seems we can do almost anything on them now from getting a ride to the airport, ordering a pizza, and even lining up a blind date just by swiping in the right direction. But how can you, the busy shop owner, leverage the mobile devices in your pocket and around your shop to help you get jobs done faster and more accurately? Easy…log into PartsTech from wherever you are in and around the shop.

A Lot of ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ in the Old Days…

The old way of ordering parts meant sitting at the desk in the shop office, thumbing through parts catalogs, and spending WAY too much time calling around to see who had the right part for your job. In the last decade or so, you probably added a computer to your desk and now had to spend hours searching different websites for parts. If your tech uncovered the need for an undiagnosed repair at the lift, he had to drop what he was doing and come back into the office only to wait around to see if the part could be located quickly. See the pattern here? Everyone hanging out in the office and work not getting done. Standing around doesn’t get the car off the lift any faster.

Free Yourself from the Desk

PartsTech, your one-stop online parts search engine, knows that the modern shop needs to be agile and efficient when it comes to ordering parts. That’s why you have the capability to log into your account with any mobile device, anywhere in the shop. If your technician uncovers an unexpected repair that must be done beyond the original estimate, he can simply walk over to the bench and look up the part he needs on a tablet or smartphone. He will get all the information he needs on price, brand, and availability immediately…without ever leaving the bay. Less time is taken for the search and while the part is in transit, your tech can continue on with other repairs. This kind of next generation mobile capability is a simple fix for having a crowded office and repair delays.

Your Techs Are Already Comfortable Using Mobile

Most of your techs have likely grown up in the mobile age and already use their phone for everything in their lives. Giving them the flexibility to search for needed parts at the lift makes them more productive and allows them to use technology they already feel at ease with. Let’s face it…your old PC from the Stone Age will just slow them down. After all, what’s better for your tech than having access to millions of parts right from his pocket? Nothing.

Are You Using Your Phone for Fun…or Profit?

PartsTech knows that the user experience in your shop is a critical part of how efficient and profitable it can be. Being able to search for parts quickly in the lane when talking with a customer or at the lift when a new repair is being diagnosed, can help keep your customers happy and coming back for future work. As a PartsTech user, you may already be using iPhones or IPads in your garage to search for parts and love the speed of ordering wherever you are in the shop. If you’re not, take that phone out of your pocket, log in, and see for yourself how fast and easy it is to get the parts you need, fast. After all, Facebook can wait.