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Playing Telephone

Repair Shops

“Thank you for calling, Please hold.”

Keeping up with the pace of technology in our industry can be a real challenge. Every year OEMs add more tech into new vehicles. In just one generation we went from electronic ignition to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) & climate control computers. Keeping up with the scan tools, and technical know-how to repair and recalibrate these new vehicles is one of the biggest challenges facing today's shops. One aspect of the industry that hasn’t seemed to change with the times is how we order parts.

Many shops still pick up the phone calling up their local part stores one by one checking for pricing and availability. Calling 3 different vendors looking for the same idler pulley wastes time. In fact, the average shop spends 92 minutes a day looking for parts on the phone and online. That’s 20% of the workday! You’re spending over $13,000/year stuck on hold with the parts counter.

The 90s Called, They Want Their Parts Ordering Back

When there are only so many hours in a day the only thing you can do to increase productivity, is increase efficiency. Getting off the phone and getting online is the first step in that process. Still, ordering online has had its own set of challenges. Why is it that electronic ordering is stuck in the 90s with dial-up speeds to match? When you've got 20 tabs open and each site looks nothing like the others you may wonder if it's even worth the hassle. What if we could shrink that down to 1 tab with all of your vendors, in one simple interface and make it lightning-fast?

That's where we come in. PartsTech is your one-stop shop for online ordering. We connect you with your wholesale parts suppliers, locally or nationally. Search once and see live inventory for the Advance Auto Parts across the street, the AutoZone downtown, or the WORLDPAC a town over, all in the same look-up. The best part, PartsTech is FREE!

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