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PartsTech Receivers Choice Award Finalists Announced!


PartsTech Receiver's Choice Award Finalists Announced!

With ACPN only a week away we're excited to congratulate our finalists for this year's PartsTech Receiver's Choice Award! Congratulations to BCA Bearings, WVE by NTKCatco Catalytic Converters, Champion Spark Plugs, and ATE.

This year's finalists are among the best and brightest in the industry and were chosen using our new Catalog Health & Data Quality Reports. These reports score key characteristics of a provider's dataset and compares those against top-selling brands within the aftermarket.

This new reporting method is part of our continued commitment to providing our data provider with the tools to identify issues and strong points within their data.

PartsTech's Catalog Health & Data Quality Reports give detailed insights on dozens of key characteristics of a brand's ACES, PIES, and images. Each dataset is then given a score and ranked against top-selling brands in the aftermarket. Here are some of the key characteristics included in the reports.

  • Insights into the completeness of digital assets
  • Reporting on ACES & PIES quality & any possible errors
  • Comparison scoring against top-selling brands
  • Rank against other top-selling brands by individual product types

These new reports give data providers deep insights into the health and quality of their catalog data. Join us at ACPN (May 17-19) to find out who will take home this year's PartsTech Receiver's Choice Award! 

Stay tuned for more info on how you can get your very own Catalog Health & Data Quality Report to see how your brand's catalog content stacks up within the aftermarket.