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Shop Owners Share Their Thoughts About PartsTech

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Shop Owners Share Their Thoughts About PartsTech

Knowing why someone decides to try a product or service is key in understanding how it helps a market in general. What problem did it solve? How does it make the business owner’s life easier? Does it help them make more profit?

We at PartsTech decided to reach out to some shop owners and managers to get their thoughts on why they started using our platform for their parts ordering needs and how it has made their daily process better. Our ‘listening tour’ also included talking with other shops across the country to find out what the common frustrations are in today’s shop when ordering parts, all in an effort to understand how we can continue to address those needs now.

Easy to Use, Increases Business –


Charlie at Pleasant Car Care told us...

“I like the ease of use, throughout the day we need tools to make things simple for us. It saves us a bunch of time and time is money.”


Jeff Noe at Cottman Transmission was asked about how parts availability impacts his business.  

He responded “As you know, customers will shop around for service and they don’t want to wait half a day for their estimate. They want it now. So, whenever you can use a one-stop place or website where you can get in, get the information you need on parts, you can win more work.”


Price Isn’t Everything & Pictures Matter –

Brian Ledger at Lou’s Custom Exhaust shared with us how using PartsTech has solved a couple of BIG problems he had…not always being able to see parts with other online parts websites and not always knowing the availability of the part to be delivered.

“What really helps us a lot is the pictures alone so we can identify what parts are needed by matching them to the old parts.”

He added “You know in today’s market it’s not always all about the price with the customers, everything has to be done by time – with PartsTech I can see what’s available and how quickly I can get the parts to the shop so I can get my technicians to install it. That means another job comes in the door quicker. It’s a very valuable tool to make your shop more efficient and profitable.”

Accurate Ordering & Time-Saving Process –

Michael Paul at Perfection Auto described two of his biggest frustrations he had before using PartsTech, getting accurate trim level information immediately and wasting time on the phone ordering parts.

“One of the great features of PartsTech is being able to type in a plate number, get the correct VIN and see the parts you need. You know your order is right every time.”

 “Online ordering has been a huge help for our shop efficiency. I can order parts and go do something else instead of sitting on hold waiting for an answer from someone who may not end up having the part you need.”

When Quality is the Top Priority –

Reggie at Reggie’s Motorworks was asked about the importance of making the right decisions when sourcing high quality parts.


“My two priorities when shopping for a part for a client car are quality and speed.  It has to be the highest quality part and I need to know how fast I can get it. My clients value both.” 

As a PartsTech client, we would love to hear from you…tell us how we have helped your business or solved a specific problem you had when searching for parts. Heck, you can even let us know if there is something we need to fix or if you have a suggestion to help make PartsTech better. We won’t take it personal and we’d love to hear from you…