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Keeping the Big Parts ‘E-Tailers’ at Bay…How PartsTech Helps You Stay Ahead in Sales.


Twenty-five years ago, automotive shops could never have imagined another way of getting parts other than picking up the phone. Shops spent hours a day hunting down what they needed to get the jobs completed. That is simply what they had done for generations. Online ordering? Clicking and adding parts to a cart? Not talking to their buddy down the street who has been helping them for years? No… it will never happen.

Well, it did and so many years later, the parts industry has been evolving into a more streamlined and efficient channel to helps local shops and DIY-ers find the parts they need. Distributors large and small launched online ordering pages, linking shops to their local store. And that was enough…until it wasn’t.

Large scale e-commerce sellers such as Amazon and RockAuto started taking a bigger bite out of the automotive parts market. They capitalize on the trend towards lower prices. They also cater to an increasing number of Millennials in the auto repair space. These customers want a simple and fast way to source the parts they needed without having to spend all day on the phone.

Distributors like you had to adapt and scale-up your online presence to compete. We at PartsTech saw this shift coming years ago. That's why we developed a cloud-based, online parts search that gives suppliers like you the exposure you need to move more parts more efficiently, and to a larger audience. And with more shop owners demanding a quicker shopping experience, our platform is uniquely positioned to make sure you can capture these buyers. Think Google, for parts.

How does working with PartsTech help you keep the big e-tailers at bay? Let’s take a look…

  • The Personal Touch. (when they need it.) – If your shops are ordering through one of the giant online retailers, they will not get the level of personal support that you can supply as their local distributor. Imagine a shop foreman trying to call Amazon to ask about the subtle differences between two different OE alternators for an older Honda?
  • We Handle The Catalog. – On PartsTech, your inventory appears complete with fitment, data and images direct from the manufacturer. Your customer knows exactly what they're ordering. If they absolutely need to speak with someone, you have real human beings that can be reached by phone for help.
  • Price is not front and center. – Large e-tailers rely on smaller prices to gain market share. PartsTech doesn’t believe price should be the first level of search results for your parts. On PartsTech Service,, inventory, and availability are key, not price. Shops need to know they are getting the right match first and focusing on price doesn’t necessarily guarantee that.
  • Helps You Sell More And Deliver Faster. – The big guys have another issue that the local suppliers do not…you can get the parts to your shops within the hour. When a shop needs an alternator, they need it NOW. PartsTech helps to keep those customers buying your parts instead of trying to find what they need online.
  • SMS Integration Connects You To All Local Shops. – Nearly every shop uses an SMS platform to help run their business more efficiently. Since PartsTech has become an integral part of many of these systems, your inventory gets seen by more shops as they move through their RO workflow. Shops don’t need to open multiple tabs on their computer searching other e-tailers and hoping to find the part they need. Your inventory seamlessly appears, as it should.

What Does This Mean For You?

E-tailers like Amazon are inching closer and closer to same day delivery. With that, many analysts out there are predicting the death of the retail auto parts store. We at PartsTech disagree. We understand that, while some of these online e-commerce sites are starting to be more aggressive in this space, with some strategic changes distributors like you can continue to thrive.

The brick & mortar retailers are not going anywhere. They are adapting to a changing landscape…and we are, too. PartsTech is here to help you sell more parts to more shops, period.

For more information on how PartsTech can help you arm yourself for these changes, contact us for a demo.