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How Much is Your Time Worth?

Repair Shops

We understand what drives you crazy…

What you do is hard work. Whether you're a technician at the lift or service advisor at the front desk you're always trying to find ways to work smarter, not harder. Having the right tools can make or break any job. Your tools help you work more efficiently, make more money, and keep your customers happy. Now there's a tool that solves one of your biggest problems…the grind of ordering parts. Yes…it’s a grind. You know it and we at PartsTech know it, too. That’s why we designed a parts ordering system with you in mind. With everything else on your plate, the last thing you should be doing is spending a large part of your day chasing down parts. 

PartsTech is your one-stop, parts ordering solution helping you take your business to the next level. The average repair shop spends 92 mins per day tracking down parts. Ask yourself “What else could I do with that time" Interesting question, isn’t it?

PartsTech cuts the time and headaches out of parts ordering, allowing you to focus on what you do best. When you're being pulled in 100 different directions it can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. Read more to find out how PartsTech helps the average shop reclaim 1 hour a day all while boosting profits and productivity.


What does a day without PartsTech look like?

Imagine you have 10 jobs on the books with all of your customers expecting their cars back today. With a schedule like this, you can't afford to waste time. Managing a shop is a careful choreography. One misstep can ruin your whole day. Playing phone tag with your parts suppliers while you've got a vehicle tying up one of your lifts, can put you way behind schedule. Finding parts fast can be the difference between happy customers and lost revenue. For shops without PartsTech waiting on hold, fighting through electronic catalogs, and dealing with returns seems like part of the job. Meanwhile, you're leaving profits and productivity on the table.


But WITH PartsTech…

One search on PartsTech pulls in live local inventory and wholesale pricing from all of your suppliers. In seconds you can see who has it, and when you can get it. Since PartsTech plugs into your wholesale account you see your wholesale price and orders are delivered on the same truck, by the same drivers. PartsTech also checks stock all the way up the supply chain. With PartsTech you can make informed buying decisions in seconds. Plan your day and reclaim that wasted time with fewer headaches. Less downtime makes for more productive techs, happy customers, and higher profits on the books.


Let us help you do more, today.

It might not live in the toolbox but thousands of shops across the country use PartsTech every day to work smarter, not harder. If you are not using PartsTech daily, ask yourself… ‘Why not?’ Maybe it’s best said by one of our earliest adopters, Michael Paul from Perfection Auto in Watertown, MA. He's been using PartsTech since 2015! When asked how PartsTech is helping him save time, he said “I can go do something else rather than sit on hold. That’s worth a lot to me.” What’s your time worth to you?

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