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Hang Up the Phone, Pick Up More Sales


You know the saying…time is money. Your business relies on all kinds of tools and technologies to help it run more efficiently and save time. Maybe your store added a new POS system or new software to track inventory, all in the name of better efficiency. It’s all supposed to make your life easier as the manager or owner. But did you know there is a piece of equipment in your store that could be costing you time and money?

The phone.

Yes, the phone could be hurting productivity in your store. Think about it…your local garages call in all day looking for parts, tying up your counter staff for hours. They are checking inventory, trying to find the parts at other locations, and arranging deliveries. Not to mention how long your customer may have to sit on hold waiting for help. Busy stores like yours only have so many lines and so many salespeople to work them.

What if there was a better and faster way to get the parts to your commercial customers and increase sales and profit in the process? Well, there is…PartsTech.


Hang Up the Phone, Pick Up More Sales

PartsTech is an online parts ordering platform that allows your customers to buy your inventory without any of the hassle. Customers search once and see live pricing and inventory from their wholesale accounts. PartsTech integrates directly with your systems allowing customers to purchase products with the click of a button.

So, imagine you have a local shop calling for a set of brake rotors for a Silverado. Your salesperson has to put them on hold because you are short-staffed with only have two people working and the phone has been ringing non-stop. That shop owner is not happy to be waiting because his time is money, too. You finally get back on the phone, handle the PO, and tell him his delivery time. 20 minutes has gone by and three other calls are waiting, and one hung up before you could get back to them.

Now…if you had your inventory on PartsTech, that shop owner would find what he needed within seconds. For shops, PartsTech takes the hassle out of buying parts. The PartsTech Catalog has over 6 million parts displayed in a modern, easy to use user interface. PartsTech also integrates directly with an ever growing list of Shop Management Systems allowing customers to find and buy parts right from the work order.


More Time to Grow Your Business

PartsTech is a powerful way to help free up your counter staff (and you) to focus on what you do best, customer service. With PartsTech you can spend less time checking stock on brake pads and more time helping customers with more difficult problems. Not to mention handling other duties such as checking in core returns, pulling parts for delivery, and managing inventory. As a store manager or owner, you can spend less time picking up the slack for inbound calls and more time doing things to help you grow your business in your market.

You probably wish you had more time to reach out to new shops or garages that may not be using your store to increase business. You can’t do that if you are sitting on the phone all day. It all starts with having tools in place to help your store run as efficiently as possible and that’s where PartsTech comes in.

Our platform is a powerful and fast gateway for your local shops to be able to see what you have and how quickly they can get it. It truly is the next generation of online parts ordering. We can help you and your counter staff save time and make more sales. How much is that worth to you?