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Get Seen By More Shops And Suppliers With PartsTech.


E-commerce technologies are changing the automotive parts industry in way that no one could have imagined just a decade ago. Manufacturers used to rely on giant paper catalogs sent to distributors to get their catalog out to market.  With the Internet and the emergence of e-commerce channels, large and small, it signaled a shift to a streamlined and more efficient approach to pushing a product to suppliers.

But even as more e-commerce choices began to grow, another problem came with it. How could a manufacturer keep up with the demand for instant information for distributors? With product lines growing at breakneck speed due to new auto technologies, how do manufacturers get all that new data out to the market quickly and accurately? The pace of new technologies adopted by both suppliers and their shops has been rapid, to say the least.

But we saw this coming. We are PartsTech and we are revolutionizing how brands like yours get seen.

Who Are We?

PartsTech was built with installers in mind. We knew there was a need in the industry for a faster and easier way for shops to source parts without having to spend all day calling around to their suppliers or wasting time clicking in and out of several websites to find the parts they need right now.

Our cloud-based, online parts search engine provides a direct connection to over 20,000 retailers & distributors, over 1600 brands, and 7 million parts (and counting) …all within one search platform. Think Expedia, for parts. One search, millions of parts. That is what today’s shop needed and we answered the call.

With PartsTech, ordering parts is easy for repair facilities. Users can enter the plate or VIN and the shop’s preferred vendors will populate first showing them who has the exact part the need with current product details, pricing and images. Instead of calling around or working within 4 or 5 tabs on their computer screen. PartsTech shows them everything they need in one place.

It’s the difference between having a car sit on the lift for hours or completing the job quicker to move on to the next. Time is money and when shop owners find what they need fast they can focus on more important aspects of their business such as marketing and training.

Some of the Problems We Help Solve…

PartsTech is already working with many of the largest brands in the market and we listened to their needs when it came to selling more parts and growing their reach.

There are 3 big challenges manufacturers face today…let’s take a look at how we are helping solve them:

Not Selling Enough

PartsTech’s reach is deep and with our seamless end-to-end online parts search engine, your catalog is simply seen by more garages nationwide. Our partnerships with over 30 shop management systems gives your product line new venues to increase sales. Everything we do helps get more eyes on your catalog and more revenue for your bottom line.

Not Making Use of all of your Content.

PartsTech was built from the ground up to handle all of your rich content and product data. This content is presented directly to to the end user as it was meant to be seen in an easy to use user interface.

Catalog Fees and Old Technology

Well, both of these are unnecessary. You should not have to pay to have your catalog published and at PartsTech, it’s free to work with us. And our technology stack is second-to-none, giving your catalog the next generation exposure it deserves. You can’t be operating with tech from the 90’s or systems that handcuff your ability to update your catalog quickly. Your updates are handled within 24-48 hours. That’s what your end-user expects. That’s what will always deliver.

It’s time to take a fresh look at how you bring your catalog to market. It’s time to talk with PartsTech to see how easy it can be. Contact us to schedule a demo!