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Expand Your Reach, Grow Your Business with PartsTech


PartsTech – Connecting Your Business Across Town and Across the Country.

Every auto parts distributor has their share of challenges. The things that keep owners up at night – worries over personnel, inventory, and profit. Not to mention the constant focus on gaining more commercial customers and keeping existing shops happy.

Parts distributors across the country also have another unique challenge…how to keep their inventory out in front of regular customers and new prospects as efficiently and quickly as possible. In a market where you are judged by how strong your e-commerce reach is, your online presence can be ‘make or break’ for your store.

We have the answer.


We’re PartsTech…Nice to Meet You.

PartsTech designed our online parts ordering platform to help connect distributors like you with hundreds and even thousands of repair shops in your local market, or even nationwide. Shops can log in to one access point and search for the parts they need, giving them expansive access to source hard-to-find parts. A tech can search easily by plate or VIN and through any mobile device. Quick, easy, and accurate.

Repair shops can access a network of over 20,000 parts stores, over 1600 brands, and 6 million parts numbers nationwide. A shop’s preferred local vendors come up first and if they don’t have the part needed, additional local and national suppliers are available. Think ‘Google’ for parts. What does that mean for you? The repair shops you service can shop your inventory faster. PartsTech also allows you to choose how you appear on the system to expanding your reach to new customers locally or nationally.


The Future of Parts Ordering is Here…

Gone are the days of multiple paper parts catalogs as big as a suitcase sitting at the counter. Just as most repair shops have made the switch from paper RO’s to shop management systems, your store has probably already made the same switch to an e-commerce site that handles sales online.

But how does your site get found? Does every shop in your market (and beyond) know how to find you? Probably not.

PartsTech becomes a valuable partner in connecting you to potential customers by expanding your reach well beyond your existing customers. Your business will only grow if it can connect to more shops and that only happens with a powerful platform that represents the next generation of parts ordering. Within one simple gateway, a shop can see what you have in stock, how many units you have, view hi-def images, specs, and delivery times…all in one place.

And not just the guy down the street you have done business with for years. Garages in your city, county, or anywhere in the country can see what you have in stock. With PartsTech you decide what markets you want to appear in. That, friends, is the future.


Relationships Matter…

We understand the importance of solid and trusted relationships with your local market. When you opened your store, you reached out to local garages to let them know you were ready to help them source all the parts they needed. PartsTech made it a priority to set up a parts ordering search engine that helps to build and preserve those invaluable relationships without sacrificing the ability to capture new business.

We also value our relationships with you as well. PartsTech has technical support that is second to none, a team of highly skilled developers that makes it easy to integrate your catalog into our system, and a system that provides crazy fast updates to existing product lines.

If you want to learn more about how to showcase your inventory through PartsTech, reach out by email or phone and schedule a FREE DEMO today. Let us help you ease your worries and introduce you to a whole new world of business.