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Better Parts Ordering, Better Customer Experience

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Better Parts Ordering, Better Customer Experience

You may be thinking “How does ordering my parts online make any difference at all to my customer? They don’t care about all that.”  Fair question. But the reality is that the simple process of how you order parts for your customer’s repair DOES matter. It can cause a chain reaction of lost revenue and bad reviews for your shop.

But there are 3 factors that you CAN control, simply by logging into PartsTech and taking advantage of all that our one-stop online search engine has to offer.


By using PartsTech immediately at the time of quote, you are able to pull up all the parts needed by simply entering a plate number. Your customer may not have the trim level details you need but no worries…pulling by plate gives all the specs you need. You can give a quote immediately after scanning for the best quality part that is available now.

Knowing right away who can get the parts delivered quickly also means that the repairs are done on time, every time. Your customer wants to get their car back when promised and if you are spending hours chasing down parts on the phone, they won’t be happy with the delay. It’s all about time and time is money in the repair business.


With plate/VIN/keyword search, you always have the most accurate trim level information at a glance. Your tech needs the exact part for that exact car and one small variation in car specs can result in the wrong part being delivered. How many times have you had to make the dreaded ‘’We need a little more time” call to a customer? Guess what? They remember that and may never come back for another repair.

Ordering a part sight-unseen with little or no details can be a nightmare. Poor mechanical performance or a mismatched part can lead to customer comebacks that can tie up your techs for hours trying to fix the problem. And that means they can’t move on to new jobs, and that’s where the money is.


Being able to access a catalog that includes millions of parts from over 1500 suppliers and 20,000 retail distributors, including your own trusted local jobbers, gives your shop the quality selection your customers expect. Detailed descriptions, high quality pictures, and warranty information for every part gives you the peace of mind that your customers are getting the very best parts for their repair.

Remember, we live in the era of online reviews and now more than ever, a customer’s experience can have a huge impact on your business. Getting a high-quality part that performs well can make the difference between a 5-star rating on Google or Yelp or a ½ star review that thousands in your market could see.

PartsTech is here for you and we understand your business. We know that something as simple as how you search for parts can affect your customer’s experience and whether or not they will come back for future work. These 3 factors of speed, accuracy, and quality in parts ordering is why we do what we do.

If you’re still using other methods to search for parts, think about the last time something went wrong with a parts order. Think about the hassle of returning the part or the angry customer you had to deal with. Now, ask yourself why you’re not using PartsTech every day, on every job.

Log in today and make your customers happy…