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A Day in the Life of Your SMS Customer…How They Order Parts Matters.

Shop Management Systems & Developers

Everyone in the auto repair industry and the tech companies that serve them all agree on one thing – the modern repair shop is more connected than ever. Shop management systems like yours are one of the more highly adopted technology tools in the industry. SMS provide a single solution to handle all the complex (and sometimes tedious) daily functions of running their business.

With all the things your management system can do, the one thing that will stop a shop owner in his tracks is the parts ordering process. If it is inefficient or time consuming, all bets are off. Your customer is not happy, and jobs take longer than they should. This is where PartsTech comes in…

What would your customer’s day look like without one-click access to a parts search engine like PartsTech and what would it look like WITH it available as part of your SMS?

Let’s take a peek into what could go wrong…

Your customer is a shop owner with a 6-bay repair facility. We’ll call him John. John has been using his SMS for about 2 months after never having used one before. He did business the old-fashioned way…paper RO’s and calling around all day, ordering parts from the guys he has done business with for years.

Going with an SMS was not an easy choice, but he realized that his business needed to be more efficient and with that, he could free up more time for marketing his garage and hiring more techs. It handles everything for his shop.

Well, everything but parts. He still either has to pick up the phone or open a tab for each of his local suppliers and do individual searches re-entering the part type and vehicle information in each tab. Sometimes he finds what he wants online but he still spends part of the day on the phone trying to verify specs and working out delivery times. Click here, click there…. all day bouncing back and forth.

Caught In a Bind.

So, a car comes in needing an alternator. It’s an older model from a now defunct brand and John’s technician warns it may be hard to find. John has to open one of the tabs for a website for his local parts store a few miles away. No alternator. Next tab. No alternator. He picks up the phone and calls another local store hoping they might have one at their distribution hub. They tell him they’ll call him back soon if they have one in stock. Meanwhile, this job sits on the lift and the customer is coming in by the end of the day to pick it up.

He finally gets one from another store after an hour of searching and a couple of phone calls, but it isn’t delivered until late and the customer has to wait longer than promised. John does his best to make it right and eventually the customer leaves with the car. He knows there has to be a better way to find parts. Time is money.

How would John’s day look if your SMS integrated PartsTech?

Same older car comes in needing an alternator. John’s tech says it will be hard to find. While building the RO in his SMS, he clicks the PartsTech tab. Since the vehicle and part type are passed through the API, He sees results immediately. 2 of his 5 preferred local suppliers have the alternator in network and he can quickly see how much they cost and how fast each can deliver it. All of this happens in few minutes. That’s all.

John is able to order the part and add it back into the RO in seconds. Delivery should have it there in an hour and the tech should be able to get it off the lift well before the promised time. John’s long-time customer will be happy it is ready on time.

Notice something about that last scenario? It was simple and easy for this shop owner to find the right part, right away. The all-in-one ecosystem PartsTech provides, gives your shop owners a better way to find the parts they need. Their business truly depends on it.

Who Are We?

PartsTech was built with repair shop in mind and we offer a unique, cloud-based online parts search that taps into a network of over 20,000 distributors and retailers, over 7 million (and counting) parts, and 1700+ brands. Since 2011, we have provided shops with an efficient way to search their preferred suppliers for the exact part they need.

We provide live pricing, inventory, detailed product specs, easy look-up via plate or VIN, and catalog updates from manufacturers deployed within 24-48 hours. PartsTech is revolutionizing how shops get parts. One search, connects you with all of your suppliers and millions of parts.

To take a closer look at how we can integrate with your SMS to bring this easy parts ordering experience to your customers, give us a call or click here to request a demo.