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2016 PartsTech Catalog Year End Summary

Catalog Updates

It's been a busy year for PartsTech with much more work on the horizon. We kept our nose to the grind and stayed focused which paid off in a big way. The PartsTech catalog has grown leaps and bounds. Here's how our parts catalog closed out 2016!

  • We wrapped up 2016 strong with 207 new brands
  • The PartsTech catalog now consists of 1301 brands
  • Those 1301 brands make up 3.3 million parts
  • That equates to 636 million applications
  • We've processed 113 thousand files to ingest this much data

Brand Highlights of 2016

Check out our entire Line Card!

We look forward to 2017 and the challenges that await.  PartsTech is on track to be one of the largest catalogs in the automotive aftermarket!