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We would like to invite you to join the growing PartsTech catalog. Getting started is easy, and as we mentioned, free! PartsTech will provide you with your own FTP account and access to your customized Manufacturer Portal, where you can provide custom logos, marketing descriptions, and data contact information. Once that’s complete you can start providing your catalog data and be selling parts through PartsTech in as little as 24-48 hours!

What type of content does PartsTech accept?

PartsTech can consume the latest versions of ACES and PIES. We are also a subscriber of the VCDB, PCDB, PADB, and QDB for light duty, heavy/medium duty, and powersports. Our relationship with Autocare and the adoption of the enhanced standards allows PartsTech to process your data quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Checklist of content to provide to PartsTech

– Images
– Videos
– Diagrams
– Interchange
– PDF’s

The more content the better! Check out where your data goes.

What if my product data is not ACES and PIES compliant?

While PartsTech supports and prefers to consume Autocare industry standard format, we understand that not all data suppliers adhere to or have the ability to use the ACES and PIES data standard. No worries. PartsTech has the ability to consume non-industry standard data as well. We can tailor a format specific to you and your needs. Just because you don’t use the industry standard doesn’t mean you can’t join PartsTech!

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