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Creating Value Through Partnerships

PartsTech has partnered with data service providers from across the automotive aftermarket who are driving additional value to data suppliers. Our data service partners offer an array of services from content creation to management and distribution.

Data Services

Looking for someone to help you create and manage your catalog data? Maybe looking to make a change? We’ve partnered with the best data service providers in the industry. Check out our network of data service providers who offer solutions to fit your needs. Below you’ll find a data service partner who can help grow your content and your brand.


We understand that distribution of content to can be a daunting task. With multiple receivers in the market accepting data through various channels it can be a nightmare. We’ve partnered with the following data service providers in an effort to ease that burden. In addition to direct data submissions, PartsTech can receive catalog data from anyone of the following partners.

Data Service Partners

  • Edgenet

    Edgenet is a Nashville-grown tech company providing brands and retailers with the capabilities to create customer-obsessed experiences through product content. From Fortune 50 retailers to small businesses, more than 8,000 brands trust Edgenet to simplify item setup, create internal efficiencies, and get Edgenet customers’ products to market, faster.

    Services: Product Content Management, Content Distribution, Content Warehousing
    Contact: https://edgenet.com/contact/
    Email: hi@edgenet.com
    Phone Number: 877-EDGENET
    Website: https://edgenet.com
    Promotions: None

  • OptiCat

    OptiCat is “the” trusted source for secure, high speed delivery of supplier catalog content to the North American vehicle industry distribution system and its data receivers.  Customers of OptiCat improve their data quality via OptiCat’s validation tools, significantly improve their speed-to-market, and reduce the cost burden related to data preparation, validation and delivery. The OptiCatOnLine.com Parts Research Catalog provides visibility to supplier parts data to ensure that customers get the right part to satisfy their needs, thus helping to eliminate missed selling opportunities and minimizing parts misapplication. OptiCat provides data services to help suppliers better manage their data and supports development of catalog data utilizing the Auto Care ACES and PIES standards. OptiCat can also help parts suppliers and their customers foster and expand their global sales of parts using the international resources of TecAlliance. Everything OptiCat does is focused on, “Helping you sell more parts!”


    -Data Services – Different file types such as Flat, Excel, or even TecDoc to ACES/PIES XML.
    -Data Validation – Clean, accurate data helps you sell more parts.
    -Data Distribution – ACES, PIES, AWDA, IMAGES and other data file types. Customized templates to give your customers what they need.
    -Branded Catalogs – North America or Global (with TecDoc data).
    -Web Services (API) – Fast and secure way to access catalog data.

    Contact: Blake Barson – Director of Data Services and North American Sales
    Email: bbarson@opticat.net
    Phone Number: 801-542-0560
    Website: www.opticatonline.com
    Promotions: None

  • Paramount Data Management

    Paramount Data Management (PDM) was founded by an e-commerce veteran. After receiving only poor-quality ACES and PIES data and seeing manufacturers struggling with existing solutions and service providers, PDM was founded to support the automotive parts industry to streamline its product data management.

    PDM – Your#1 cloud-based automotive product data platform starting at $65/month

    – Generate Data​: Generate your product data easier, faster, and in high-quality. Optional data service is available for $50/hour.

    – Maintain Data​: Automated suggestions ensure your products are accurately represented and are always up to date.

    – Distribute Data​: Get your product data to your receivers within minutes – not weeks. Push your data to receivers automatically.

    Services: Cloud SaaS solution for data generation/maintenance/distribution for DIY data management with additional DIFM service offered
    Contact: Johannes Crepon
    Email: johannes@pdm-automotive.com
    Phone Number: 310.929.5800
    Website: www.pdm-automotive.com
    Promotions: None

  • RxSpeed

    RxSpeed.com is a comparison shopping engine for the automotive aftermarket that saves consumers time and money during their purchase process. RxSpeed for Business offers a cloud-based product information management (PIM) software that suppliers use to create, maintain and distribute catalog content in the industry standard PIES & ACES format.

    Services: RxSpeed offers a full suite of catalog management services for DIY or DIFM clients to enhance electronic product catalogs.
    Email: support@rxspeed.com
    Phone Number:  860-724-4185
    Website: www.rxspeed.com
    Promotions: None

  • SDC

    The SDC exists to help SEMA members provide validated product data to increase visibility and sales of SEMA company products. As a non-profit, industry-owned effort, the goal is to provide a centralized source for quality product data, validated for compliance to industry PIES & ACES standards, and available for export in any format that distributors and resellers might require. The SDC provides a full-time Help Desk to assist members in creating, maintaining, and distributing product information to approved customers,  who have access to the data in near-real-time for use in powering their internal warehouse, retail and Internet systems.


    -Build a compliant data set to the PIES & ACES industry standards
    -Validate uploads, corrections, additions, & new products with our
    automated, online tools
    -Store all data securely in our repository, including digital assets like
    images, videos and pdfs
    -Distribute data with complete control – we will not transmit data to any
    receiver without your approval
    -Manage the exports to customers by matching their individual content needs and
    formatting requirements
    -Offer near-real-time distribution of data via our PIM system

    East Coast & Midwest: Jim Graven, 888-958-6698 x4
    West Coast & Texas: Tim Stewart, 888-958-6698 x9

    Jim Graven jimg@SemaDataCoop.org
    Tim Stewart tims@SemaDataCoop.org
    Phone Number: 888-958-6698
    Website: www.semadatacoop.org
    Promotions: None

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