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What Does It Mean To Be A PartsTech Data Supplier?

Joining the PartsTech network as a data supplier means taking control of your brand and products. PartsTech was built for the next generation of installers, so it’s no surprise that our catalog was also designed for the next generation of manufacturers. We give you the power to decide what a customer should know about your brand. Your data tells a story, let PartsTech help you tell it!

Supporting Your Sales With Data

Your data is what connects our customers to your parts. It’s the final link that completes the supply chain ecosystem. It’s the critical component that enables distributors to move your products off the shelves and into the hands of repair shops across the country. If you’ve got the data, you can win the sale.

So how does providing your catalog data to PartsTech support your customers? PartsTech has built a vast network of part distributors, many of which carry your products. This network is made up of 20,000+ locations across the US, and growing. The PartsTech service is used by thousands of repair shops across the country who buy your parts to service their customers’ vehicles.

How does PartsTech get your parts into the hands of the repair shop? PartsTech is the gateway that connects repair shops to your products. Our technology sits in the repair shop enabling mechanic’s to order the parts they need to finish the job. However, none of this works without the data! This is where you come in. Without your data in the PartsTech catalog, the mechanic doesn’t know what part fits the vehicle, and even worse, they don’t even know who has your part in stock! What does that mean for you? It means lost sales for you and a win for your competitor.

We’ve built the PartsTech catalog with you in mind. That means PartsTech gives you the ability to capitalize on every opportunity to sell your parts! No more laboring over data elements that get sent to a receiver only to be told they can’t be used. PartsTech utilizes all of the rich content that you provide so your intellectual property doesn’t go to waste. You spend a lot of time and resources on your content, you should get a return on that investment. Rich content sells parts! PartsTech takes your content and structures it in the most visually appealing and intuitive way possible which gets you selling more parts!

Content Management

We understand that it’s not easy creating great product content. It takes in depth knowledge of your products, the market, and complex data structures to make it happen. You spend countless hours, resources, and money to compile rich content for your data receiver’s. So why don’t they use it? At PartsTech, we use it all! You’ve worked hard to generate valuable content that tells your brand’s story and differentiates your products, and that’s why we strive to publish everything you provide. Our goal is to make sure your brand message is heard and seen, loud and clear.

PartsTech is an active member of the Auto Care Association and adheres to the latest technology standards and best practices which include ACES, PIES, and IPO. PartsTech has been a member of the Auto Care Association since 2012, and is an active participant in Autocare sponsored events, work groups, and committees. PartsTech is a supporter and contributor to some of the standards that you see in place today.

Data Management Technology

PartsTech utilizes the latest technology in data management. Our technology stack allows us to manage large complex data structures which equates to fast, accurate, and efficient processing of your structured data. Our infrastructure is built to handle the largest of data sets and continue to deliver live to site times of 24-48 hours. With our data center backed by AWS, PartsTech maintains industry leading uptime when it comes to processing your data!

In addition to employing powerful, modern technology to the aftermarket, PartsTech has recruited talent from both within and outside the automotive aftermarket to build and deploy some of the most advanced processes, policies, and algorithms in the automotive data management space. This includes the use of complex validation and processing routines, such as validation against the XSD, capturing invalid vehicle configurations, removal and cleanup of duplicate/overlapping records, and much more.

Beyond the typical industry practices, PartsTech has created one-of-a-kind processes to get the most out of your data. These processes have been tailored specifically to automotive product data, which allows us to be more agile when it comes to translating your data into rich powerful content. PartsTech is at the forefront of technology so that your data keeps up with the ever changing market.

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