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Support Online Sales

PartsTech has created an advanced auto parts search engine that helps professional installers and consumers find your products and purchase through your distribution network. Over 1,300 brands trust PartsTech to help installers and consumers identify their products online.

Direct Control Over Your Brand

When it comes to e-commerce, the success of your brand depends on the quality and timeliness of your catalog data.  Without your electronic catalog, buyers would have no way to find your part online.

Improve Time-To-Market

Unlike many other commercial ordering systems that can take 60 to 90+ days to process catalog updates, PartsTech can deliver product updates and changes to the shop floor the same day. Data lags are now a thing of the past. No data lag means manufacturers can deliver products to market and start selling in less time.

Reliable And Secure

PartsTech recognizes the research and investment that goes into a product catalog. We use a secure environment to protect our partners’ data, and we do not sell or share data with third parties. That’s why our platform is trusted by many of the top brands in the aftermarket.