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Stay Competitive In A Dynamic Environment

PartsTech is focused on developing technology that helps traditional parts distributors keep pace with the changing expectations of today’s technician and consumer.  We help parts distributors of all sizes — from national retailers to third-generation family jobbers — stay competitive in the face of high-tech competition that is disrupting the way both professionals and consumers research and buy auto parts.

Sell More Parts.

PartsTech can help increase the reach of distributors and connect them with new commercial customers. PartsTech connects distributors and technicians based on who has the part in stock and can deliver within the technicians’s timeline.

Protect And Improve Margins

A common concern among distributors when it comes to e-commerce is price competition. With PartsTech, distributors rarely compete on price. Search rankings are determined by technician preference, inventory, availability and service — not price. By shifting the focus away from price, PartsTech helps protect margins. Accurate online ordering also helps distributors reduce their costs through lower staff requirements and decreased return rates.

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