Introducing PartsTech Tires!

Parts + Tires, All in One Platform

That's right, now you can shop for parts and tires all in one easy to use platform! We've partnered with TireConnect to provide online ordering for tires from dozens of national tire distributors in the US and in Canada. The cost? $45/Month + a one time $50 set-up fee.

All of Your Tire Suppliers in One Lookup

Tab through and find the right tires for the job fast. One click shows you live wholesale pricing and inventory from all of your trusted local tires suppliers so that you can order what you need, without the hassle.

Order Online From Over 40 National and Regional Tire Distributors

Easy to Use Search Features

We make it easy to find what tires fit the vehicle you're working on. You can search by vehicle, license plate, VIN or by tire size. We'll show you all the tires that fit that vehicle. From there you can use filters to shop by brand, mileage rating, speed rating & more.

Quote Jobs Faster & Sell More Service

PartsTech puts all of your parts and tire suppliers in one place. That means you can build jobs fast without having to jump in and out of multiple supplier systems. PartsTech Tires makes it that much easier for your service advisors to sell tire services.

Ready to Roll? Here's How to Get Started

Getting started with PartsTech Tires is easy!

  • Log into your PartsTech account, add a tires subscription here, pay a one time set up fee of $50
  • Your PartsTech Rep will then reach out and help you get set up with TireConnect
  • Once configured we'll notify you when your PartsTech Tires subscription is ready to roll!

This Process normally takes a couple of days but don't worry, we wont start billing your credit card for the $45/Month subscription until your tires account is completely configured.

Have a Question? Let's Chat.

Send us an email at or give our sales team a call at (866) 308-5193 Ext 6. We're always happy to help.