These are the known issues users have reported recently. We take user feedback very seriously. If you're experiencing issues please contact PartsTech support. You can contact support by clicking the orange support button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or by emailing



Work Around


Advance Auto Parts: Integration stopped working after I changed my location

Changing your location for Advance on your my supplier tab may break the connection. Please contact customer support to resolve this issue.

Contact customer support

Reported: Ongoing

Fixes: Re-configure your supplier for your preferred location.

WorldPac: Postion not available for specific parts searches.

WorldPac's web service does not return position information for all parts for certain parts queries.


Reported: Ongoing

Fixes: We're working with WorldPac to implement changes Q1 2020

WorldPac: Slow loading times for searches.

WorldPac Results occasionally take longer than 10 seconds to load.

Avoid using keyword searches when possible

Reported: Ongoing

Fixes: We're working with WorldPac to implement changes Q1 2020

AC Delco parts not showing

PartsTech Does not currently have catalog data for AC Delco parts


Fixes: We're working with AC Delco to receive their catalog. No timeline as of yet.

Parts kits not showing

Different suppliers carry different Kit's Data Catalog team working to map parts for affected suppliers. 

Run a canned job search or a category search. Then add multiple parts to the order.

Fixes: Supporting kits is in development queue for 2020

Parts dropping from order checkout / Not being pulled back into SMS

PartsTech breaks up the cart by supplier. Be sure that you're scrolling down to the bottom of the cart to purchase parts from all suppliers

Use the submit order button at the bottom of the cart screen.


XL Parts: Some out of stock parts may appear as in stock

On occasion some parts may show as available for purchase via your XL Parts store when in fact they are out of stock. 


Contact PartsTech Support so we can investigate.

Credit card required for first order outside of your supplier network.

With some suppliers you may receive an error saying that you need to add a credit card to your account to proceed with your order. 

Navigate to and place the order there. You'll only need to do this once and PartsTech will store your credit card for future purchases.


WorldPAC: Missing or incorrect inventory (WP Numbers)

Depending on how your WorldPac account is configured you may see missing inventory from WorldPac searches.

Contact PartsTech support to confirm this is the issue. We will reach out to WorldPac to fix this issue.


Parts Authority: Customer pick-up only is the only available shipping method.

When placing orders via parts authority customer pick up is listed as the only available shipping method.

Contact PartsTech support for a possible work around.

Parts Authority is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

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