Which Suppliers are on PartsTech? / Are my Parts Stores on PartsTech?

Are my suppliers on PartsTech?

Chances are you’re suppliers are already on PartsTech. We integrate with many of the big names like NAPA and Advance Auto Parts along with many locally owned shops. See below for a list of the larger suppliers we integrate with. Continue reading for instruction on how to search to see who’s on PartsTech in your area.

Finding suppliers using the Supplier Map

The PartsTech Supplier map shows you which parts stores in your area are on the system.

Step 1: Goto https://www.partstech.com/partstech-suppliers

Step 2: Enter the zip code for your shop into the search bar (see image below)



Groups of parts stores will appear as blue circles. click the blue circles to expand them. You can also use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out. Click and drag to move around the map. 

You can also search by store name. Simply type the name of the store you’re looking for. If the store is more than 25 miles away be sure to include the city name (see image below)


What does “Coming Soon” mean on the suppliers page?

If a supplier is grayed out with a “coming soon” banner it means we don’t currently integrate with them. We’re constantly working to build more integrations and get new suppliers on the system. Contact a PartsTech representative to find out if we can connect with that supplier.


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