How to setup Bumper To Bumper and AutoValue stores on PartsTech

How to setup Bumper To Bumper and AutoValue stores on PartsTech

If your local Bumper To Bumper or AutoValue store is connected to MyPlaceForParts, setting the store up on PartsTech is easy.

Find your MyPlaceForParts BuyerID

You will need your MyPlaceForParts “BuyerID” (sometimes also called an “SMS Code” or “SMS ID”) from your local parts store.

If you don’t have this ID handy, you can get it by calling your local parts store. Be sure to speak to your local store manager or someone familiar with online ordering because they may need to configure your account.  Alternatively, you can send an email to AutoValue / Bumper To Bumper headquarters to request your credentials.

What if I’m having trouble finding my MyPlaceForParts “BuyerID”?

No worries. We can help you with that. In the meantime, enter your customer number or account number for your local store in the field pictured below.  We’ll send a request to get your Buyer ID and we will notify you in a few days when your account is ready to use.

Enter your Buyer ID into PartsTech

Return to the Supplier Setup screen on PartsTech. Click the blue pencil icon to edit your local AutoValue or Bumper To Bumper store.

How to set up AutoValue / Bumper to Bumper on PartsTech

Then enter your BuyerID in the field shown below. If you don’t have your BuyerID, you can enter your customer number here instead.  Then confirm your store location selection and click “Save.”

How to set up Bumper to Bumper / AutoValue on PartsTech


Congrats, if you’ve made it this far, then you have completed the setup process for your local AutoValue / Bumper To Bumper store! We’ll take it from here!

Over the next few days, we’ll work with your store to verify that your account is set up correctly.  A PartsTech rep will reach out to you if we need anything further, and we’ll notify you as soon as your AutoValue / Bumper To Bumper account is ready.

You can check the status of your credentials anytime by logging in to PartsTech and checking your Supplier Settings (pictured below).

How to Set Up AutoValue / Bumper To Bumper stores on PartsTech

What’s next?

If you are setting up a new account on PartsTech for the first time, please be sure to complete the registration process, confirm your email and log in.

Also, don’t forget to configure your other parts stores.

I still need help setting up AutoValue / Bumper To Bumper

Are you still having trouble setting up your local store? We’re here to help! Fill out the form below and a PartsTech representative will be in touch ASAP.

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