How to link your eXtra Loyalty Program account to PartsTech?

    How to link your eXtra Loyalty Program account to PartsTech?

    To link your extra Loyalty Program account to PartsTech, you’ll need 3 things


    1. An active PartsTech Account. To set up a PartsTech account click here.

    2. An extra loyalty program account

    3. The email address for your shop associated with your extra account.

    Step 1: Creating a PartsTech account

    If you don’t already have a PartsTech account you can create one here.

    Note: If you already have a PartsTech account you do not need to create a new account to participate in The extra Loyalty Program. Simple go to and log in using your PartsTech credentials. All of your distributors and settings will stay the same.

    Step 2: Create an extra loyalty program account

    Go to

    1. Select your country

    2. Input at least 1 wholesale account customer number, then click continue. Note: You will receive extra points for qualifying products purchased from ANY of the distributors configured in PartsTech regardless of the information entered in this step.

    3. Enter info about your shop, then click continue.

    4. Enter a valid email and create a password. Save this email and password someplace safe.

    extra registration

    Step 3: Connecting your extra loyalty program account with PartsTech

    To connect your extra account with PartsTech all you’ll need is the email associated with the account.

    To find this go to and log in.


    Under your account menu at the top right-hand side of the screen, select “Profile Data”


    On the Profile Data page, scroll down and you will see the email address associated with your extra account under “Registration and Participation Data.” Copy that address and head over to and log in.


    Once logged in click on my account. then click on the rewards tab and input the email address copied in the previous step into the PartsTech system at

    Thats it! you’re ready to start earning extra points on PartsTech!

    Note: Point values will only be displayed on

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