Parts Distributing Inc. (PDI)

Family Owned and Operated Since 1994!

We have been serving Southeastern Wisconsin since 1994! 

Small Business Service!

Everyone agrees that SMALL BUSINESSES provide the BEST Service!  

Independent Control!

We have 100% control of the product lines that we carry on our shelves!  We LOVE every product line that we carry!

The LARGEST Wholesale Group!

No Auto Parts group does more WHOLESALE volume than The Group (Federated / Pronto).

Most of the other large outfits are RETAILERS!  

Get Started

To set up your local Federated Auto Parts store on PartsTech, you'll need three pieces of information:

(1) Your customer number, (2) your Federated Link Username, and (3) your Federated Link Password

Click here for detailed instructions:


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