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Proudly serving the Boston Area for over 50 years

GEM AUTO PARTS is your full service auto parts supplier, committed to providing our clients with a full range of aftermarket parts needs, maintenance and diagnostic equipment, and a dedicated team of knowledgable sales and service personnel.

About Gem Auto Parts

Gem Auto Parts is an independent Auto Parts distributor with 5 stores in the Greater Boston area. We know and understand that the only way our business can be successful is to help your business be more successful. We will do this with competitive prices, marketing programs, service and training. This packet will hopefully answer some of your initial questions about the Company and our programs. If you have any additional questions, you may contact any of our stores or representatives. We thank you for selecting Gem Auto parts for your auto parts needs and look forward to a prosperous business relationship for the both of us.


As a wholesale customer of Gem Auto Parts, you have the option of calling your orders into our VIP center, no matter where your business is located. The VIP center is located in our Chelsea location. It is staffed with highly experienced representatives. They work at workstations, instead of a counter and have all of the tools to help you with all of your needs. When an order is called into the VIP center, a pick ticket is printed in the store that is nearest to you and delivered from that location. The toll-free phone number for our V.I.P. center is 1-866-884-7400.


Our Parts Professionals are highly trained and have been in the Auto Parts business for many years. Their job is to make certain that your needs are serviced as quickly as possible. You may call any of them at any time.


Our VIP Center at the Chelsea location is open from 7:30Am to 6PM weekdays and 8AM to 5PM on Saturdays. All other locations are open from 7:30AM to 5:oo PM Weekdays and 8AM to 5PM on Saturdays.


Because our Business depends on the success of your business, we are here to provide you with the tools that you need to make your business more successful.

Training: At different times throughout the year, we offer training classes. The subjects usually range from "hands-on" mechanical classes to special classes for owners and managers.

We belong to a national buying group called Pronto. This enables us to purchase as a national chain and still remain independent. This affiliation benefits you as well with special pricing, national warranties, marketing and training programs.


We spend a lot of time researching the right product lines to carry for you. We stock what we feel are the highest quality lines at the best prices. In many cases we may also carry a secondary economy line. We try to accommodate your every need.


If we do not have something in stock at our location for you, our staff is instructed to do their best to locate it for you. We have hundreds of sources in the area as well as manufacturers that we can order from.


All of our merchandise comes with a warranty against defects by the manufacturer. We stand behind every product we sell.

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