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Setting Up Your Preferred Distributors on PartsTech.

5 Minutes of Set-up can save you $8,000 a year.

In order to search inventory and place orders on PartsTech, many (but not all) parts stores require that you first have a wholesale account. If you don’t have a wholesale account, you may need to contact your preferred parts stores to get set up.  If you already have an account, you can follow the instructions below. Setting up your distributors on PartsTech is easy. Here we’ll show you what you need for each distributor.

If you are having trouble configuring your local parts stores, please see our instructions on how to set up your account. Or, if at any point in this process you need help or guidance from the PartsTech team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What you’ll need:  Your 6-Digit AutoZone Customer Number (sometimes called your “shop PIN”)

How to get it: You can find your Customer Number within AutoZonePro.com if you’re having trouble finding it you can reach AutoZone commercial customer service at (866)-853-6459

Advance Auto:

What you’ll need: You’ll need both your “SMS ID” and “SMS Password”

How to get it: You can retrieve your SMS ID and SMS Password for PartsTech by calling 1-877-280-5965 or e-mail Service@advance-auto.com be sure to use the subject line “PartsTech Web Account Request”

Bumper to Bumper/Auto Value:

What you’ll need: You will need your MyPlaceForParts “Buyer ID” or “SMS code” from your local store.

How to get it: For assistance click here be sure to use the subject line “PartsTech Web Account Request” in your email, or dial technical support at (281)-466-4741

Federated Auto Parts:

What you’ll need: You will need your FederatedLink username, password and account number.

How to get it: This is the same information you use to log into your FederatedLink account. You’ll also need your account number which appears on your recent invoices from your local Federated store. If you need help, contact Federated customer service at info@federatedautoparts.com


What you’ll need: You will need your WorldPac SpeedDIAL Customer number and password

How to get it: If you’ve lost your SpeedDIAL account number or password, you can request your credentials by calling the helpdesk at 800-888-9982 x5470 or e-mail speeddial-support@worldpac.com


What you’ll need: You will need you IMC username and password

How to get it: You’ll need to request a username and password to connect with PartsTech. You can request this by calling (800)-874-8925


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