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6 Reasons to Start Using PartsTech Today

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6 Reasons to Start Using PartsTech Today

When you got into the repair business, you had dreams of having a busy shop with lots of loyal customers, talented techs, and a great reputation in your community. Maybe you used to be a tech yourself and just dreamed of being the boss one day. No matter what your vision was back then, you knew your shop could not grow without one thing…steady profits. Money. And lots of it.

To turn a solid profit, there a ton of small things that have to come together perfectly. But what’s one of those small things that can be overlooked when trying to increase profits? Ordering parts. How you source the parts you need for your jobs is every bit as important as your technician’s skill level, the condition of your shop equipment, and your marketing strategies.

When the powers-that-be at PartsTech (who are gearheads themselves) set out to create a one-stop-shop search engine for auto parts, they knew what the common frustrations were in the modern garage. They understood that there was a need for a better and faster way to find parts. They knew it mattered for your bottom line, in more ways than one.


Here are 6 reasons why using PartsTech everyday will increase your profits:

1.Time-saver: Using one website to search for all the parts you need helps save you time every day. No more sitting on hold calling multiple vendors. No more paging through site after site, vendor after vendor. Save that time for more important things to help grow your business. Time = money.


2. Amazingly simple to use: Easy search by plate pulls up all the detailed specs you need to get the right part, right now. Your tech can pull up parts in the bay, at his bench, or in the lanes with mobile access through smartphones or a tablet. Ease = money.


3. Your favorite vendors (and everyone else): By having quick access to all of your preferred suppliers in town and vendors throughout the country, we can virtually guarantee you will find whatever you need. Variety = money.


4. Accurate and up-to-date: Your search will give you detailed product descriptions, real-time inventory status, high quality pictures to make sure it’s the right part, and delivery estimates…all at a glance. Less chance for returns, less chance for job delays, and less chance for angry customers. Happy customers = money.


5. Deepest catalog: You will be able to search from over 20,000 retails vendor locations, over 1500 parts manufacturers, and over 4 million (and growing by the minute) parts numbers. Whether it’s the routine repair on an Accord or custom headers for a GTO…no matter what you need, the trusted brands are here. Selection = money.


6. SMS integration & development: Your access to PartsTech can be integrated into nearly any shop management system to make searching for parts and quickly adding them onto the RO a snap. Stop wasting time jumping out of your SMS and opening multiple tabs to search other sites for parts. One access point, all in the same window. PartsTech is also constantly improving their cloud-based platform and looking to the future with new ideas to help repair shops order parts more efficiently. Innovation = money.  


Notice the pattern here? Everything about the PartsTech platform is designed to help you increase your profits as a shop. The wrong part, the low-quality part, the late part…you have probably had this happen before. And you probably also remember how much money it cost you in comeback work and bad customer feedback. There’s no money in that.


Start using PartsTech today and put us to work to help you grow your bottom line. What are you waiting for?