January 2020 System Updates and News

January 2020 System Updates and News

Happy New Year! Our team has been hard at work making system improvements and adding new features. Here’s what’s new on PartsTech this month.

Products Available in Store Now Appear First In Search Results.

We heard your feedback! Products available in store now appear first in search results. Now PartsTech search results will show you what local availability above parts that are available in a distribution center.

“Give me a break!” Smarter Keyword Searches Are Here!

Nobody’s perfect and we don’t think your searches should beat you up about that. PartsTech now accepts common misspellings and synonyms for part types. For example, if you run a search for “break” instead of “brake” we’ll show you our best match for your keyword. Still having trouble finding a specific part? Check out the next feature update below!

You Can Now Search An Entire Subcategory.

Looking for a part but you’re not sure what it’s called? Need to order multiple related parts for a job? We’ve got you covered! You can now search by subcategory on PartsTech. This makes finding multiple related parts much faster in one search.

To get the most out of this feature try running a subcategory search (shown above) and then filtering by all the parts you need for the job.

Speed Cart Now Has A New Look

The speed cart now has a new look. We’ve been making some changes to our results page to make it cleaner and more functional. One of those changes is our new speed cart design. Stay tuned for an all new Cart/Checkout Page coming in the next few months!


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