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How Much is Your Time Worth?

Repair Shops

We understand what drives you crazy…

As a busy shop manager, you are always looking for tools to help your business be more efficient, make more money, and keep your customers happy. That is your whole day, every day. And now you have a tool that solves one your biggest problems…the grind of ordering parts. Yes…it’s a grind. You know it and we at PartsTech know it, too. That’s why we designed our parts ordering system with you in mind…the garage owner or shop manager that is pulled in a hundred different directions every day. With everything else on your plate, the last thing you should be doing is spending a large part of your day on the phone chasing down parts. 

PartsTech is your one-stop, online parts ordering solution that will help you take your business to the next level. Ask yourself “What else could I be doing if I wasn’t on the phone for hours a day trying to find the parts we need?’ Interesting question, isn’t it?

Would you be designing that mailer you need send out to get more business? Finally hiring that new tech you need? Have the new sign installed above the front door? After all, there is always something that needs to get done…

Chances are that is why you signed up to use the PartsTech system in the first place…it’s an easier and more efficient way to find the parts you need, fast. Time is money in the repair business and every extra hour a car sits up on the lift is another hour you can’t bring in the next car for repairs or maintenance.


What does a day without PartsTech look like?

Imagine you have 10 jobs scheduled. All of your customers need their cars back today and you have a few heavy jobs in the mix. Maybe a clutch replacement, a couple of timing belts, and an A/C compressor replacement. Big RO’s, big money. Let’s talk about that compressor. The old way of ordering parts means you would have to pick up the phone and start calling around to a couple of different parts stores you have always done business with. They’re nearby and usually have what you need. Only neither one has it in stock and won’t have it for days. No good. Now you have to call the NEXT guy and so on and so on. Over two hours has gone by and your frustration is at a peak. Your customer needs the car back today and that’s the promise you made. Meanwhile the cars sits…and sits. The lift is tied up and other repairs are waiting. You’re frustrated and your tech is mad…and you can’t have an angry tech.


But WITH PartsTech…

Now imagine this same scenario only this time you have logged into PartsTech right away, punched in the VIN and you see that two of your pre-loaded preferred vendors have the compressor in stock. And the best part? You can get it delivered within 35 minutes. Simple, right? Now your tech can get to the other two major jobs and have them off the lift and back to the customer by the end of the day. You now have a happy customer and a happy tech who just booked more work for more pay. Win-win.


Let us help you do more, today.

If you are actively using PartsTech every day to get the parts you need, you already know the benefit of being able to locate parts quickly. You are saving time and money, period. If you are not using PartsTech daily, ask yourself… ‘Why not?’ Maybe it’s best said by one of our long-time partners, Michael Paul from Perfection Auto in Watertown, MA. When asked how PartsTech is helping him save time from having to call around for parts, he said “I can go do something else rather than sit on hold. That’s worth a lot to me.” What’s your time worth to you?