• May System Updates & News

    May System Updates & News

    O Canada! PartsTech Begins To Roll-out In The Great White North. We’re excited to announce that PartsTech is entering the Canadian market. Now Canadian repair shops can enjoy all the benefits of PartsTech. Current Canadian Suppliers include Advance Auto Parts, CarQuest & WorldPAC. And we have many more in the works. Stay tuned for those

  • April System Updates & News

    April System Updates & News

    We’ve Changed How Parts With Multiple Applications Appear In Search Results. As you know, sometimes the same part can fit multiple different applications on the same vehicle. Previously, PartsTech displayed these parts multiple times for the same part number (highlighted in red) each with different attributes relating to their fitment. (Highlighted in green and yellow

  • Introducing PartsTech Flight!

    Introducing PartsTech Flight!

    New From PartsTech: PartsTech Flight! We’re excited to announce our newest service, PartsTech Flight! PartsTech Flight is a new same-day airborne deliver service from PartsTech. This new service employs a fleet of state-of-the-art delivery drones to pick up your order and deliver it right to the repair bay.  We’ll be rolling this out to select markets

  • WAWD and ICP/ CPI Are Now Live on PartsTech!

    WAWD and ICP/ CPI Are Now Live on PartsTech!

    We work hard to make buying parts from your local suppliers as easy as possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the following distributors are now live on PartsTech… Western Automotive Warehouse Distributors Are Now Live on PartsTech! WAWD is a locally owned parts supplier based in the Denver, CO. metro area. They focus

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