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    Setting Up Your Preferred Distributors on PartsTech.

    5 Minutes of Set-up can save you $8,000 a year. In order to search inventory and place orders on PartsTech, many (but not all) parts stores require that you first have a wholesale account. If you don’t have a wholesale account, you may need to contact your preferred parts stores to get set up.  If

  • Sign up instructions
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    Sign up instructions

    Step 1 Visit our sign up page by clicking Here! We’ll start of by asking if you’re a commercial repair shop or a car owner. Step 2 Create a new username, password, and enter a valid email address. Write this down and keep it in a safe place. Step 3 Now we’ll need some info

  • Where Did My Order Go?
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    Where Did My Order Go?

    The Tale of the Ghost Parts Have you ever placed a parts order online and then spent the next couple hours wondering where it is? Sometimes there’s a bump in the road that can keep you from getting the parts you need in time. Printers jam and computers crash. In situations like this you’re left

  • New From PartsTech Labs: Voice Ordering and Video Chat
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    New From PartsTech Labs: Voice Ordering and Video Chat

    Let’s stop the game of telephone In the automotive repair space today, nearly 80% of local commercial auto parts orders are still placed via telephone. This creates enormous inefficiency and cost for repair facilities and parts suppliers alike. “All too often, when a repair shop picks up the phone to order parts, the result is

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