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PartsTech is always looking towards the future and developing new ways to improve the parts ordering experience...check out this section from our R&D team to see what they are working on!

Current Projects

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Video Chat and Voice Ordering

Let’s stop the game of telephone.

All too often, when a repair shop picks up the phone to order parts, the result a blind guessing game between the repair shop and the parts counter. Each side is guessing without seeing the part on the other end of the phone. This game of telephone results in returns and lost productive time.

How do you fix it? Build a smarter system that improves communication and information flow between repair shop and parts counter.  

Intuitive voice control allows you to search and order parts without touching the keyboard – for that matter, no need to come out from under the vehicle.  Just say, “PartsTech, I need brake pads for a 2002 Camry.” We’ll do the rest.

PartsTech’s communication solution allows the repair shop to communicate with the parts counter, right from within the ordering system. This allows the parts counter to immediately see the vehicle and parts the garage is searching for.  More efficient communication with fewer errors: that’s the future of parts ordering.

Coming Soon

GPS Tracking

One of the top reasons why repair shops call the parts counter is to check the status of a recent order.  This creates unnecessary phone call volume and inefficiency for all parties.

This is information that can be better delivered online. We’ve seen it in pizza delivery, we’ve seen it in ride hailing.  PartsTech is working to provide robust, real-time GPS Tracking and order status to our users.  Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

Advanced Analytics

PartsTech’s advanced analytics will enable you to find deeper insights and closely monitor business performance with drive real-time analytics.

For Large Shops and Franchises – Better understand and manage your parts procurement, including vendor preference and spend.  Gain insight into cost and service level to better understand how these factors impact the profitability of your repair operation.

For Retailers and Distributors –Today’s aftermarket is dynamic. Tight margins, evolving commercial buying patterns. Today’s WD’s and retailers need data-guided insights. With PartsTech, you can quickly analyze micro trends impacting individual stores or customers,  or understand larger trends at a regional or national level. Gain real-time insight into your performance relative to your market.

For Manufacturers – Most manufacturers struggle to obtain relevant, timely sales data from their distribution network. PartsTech is working to help manufacturers better understand how and where their products move through the aftermarket, and analyze sales and return patterns in real time.

Previous Projects

Parts Ordering API

This service gives developers access to PartsTech’s parts catalog and network of auto parts vendors. The API allows developers to perform vehicle and part look-ups, build orders, and purchase auto parts. Instead of building this functionality from scratch, partnering with PartsTech makes it easy for developers to create a suite of fully-functional tools for the automotive repair industry.

Parts Finder

PartsTech is working to help distributors get their products in front of more customers. The PartsTech Catalog is a tool that allows PartsTech users to expand their parts search beyond their current network of distributors.