Cardone New Power Steering Reservoir


Important Attributes
Item Qty/Size/Weight 1 Pound
Warranty Special Limited Lifetime Warranty
Product Description
Power Steering Remote Reservoir
Application Summary
Hyundai Excel 1994-90, Scoupe 1992-91; Mitsubishi Precis 1994-90

This is a summary only, please use Does it fit my vehicle to check if 3R-337 can be installed on your vehicle.
Product Details
Features and Benefits 1. 100% testing ensures leak-free performance
2. Designed to match O.E. fit, function and performance
3. Manufactured from O.E. grade material for strength and durability
4. Resistant to cracking caused by the high temperatures in the engine compartment
5. Reservoirs with integrated filter have the same filtration efficiency as O.E.
  • What caused my original reservoir to leak?
  • One common cause for leaks is cracking on the main body of the reservoir or hose tubes due to prolonged exposure to engine compartment temperatures and vibration. Check the outlet and fluid return hoses attached to the reservoir to determine if they are the cause of the leak.
  • Should I replace the power steering system hoses and fluid?
  • Most manufacturers recommend replacing hoses approximately every 4 years, depending on the use of the vehicle and condition of the system. The external condition of the hose may be an indicator for replacement, however it is best to validate by inspecting fluid condition and color. If debris is seen in the fluid and the fluid color is grey or black, the likely source of the debris is an internal breakdown of hoses. Refer to a vehicle specific O.E. service manual for steps on replacing hoses and fluid.
  • The fluid is foaming in the replacement reservoir. Why?
  • Foaming fluid is caused by air that is trapped in the power steering system. The air pockets must be bled from the system. Air that is left in the power steering system can lead to noise and cavitation of the fluid which eventually causes damage to the pump.
  • Where is the power steering pump reservoir typically located on a vehicle?
  • Depending on the vehicle, the reservoir can be located behind the engine on the firewall, mounted on an inner fender adjacent to the pump or bracketed near or directly on the power steering pump.
Extended Information
MSDS Required Flag No
Remanufactured No
Warranty Special Limited Lifetime
Country Of Origin South Korea
Life Cycle Status Code Available to Order
National Popularity Code Last 5% of Product Group Sales Value
Maximum Cases per Pallet Layer 35
Pallet Layer Maximum 7
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS) 8413919050
Harmonized Tariff Code (Schedule B) 8413919050
Shipping Dimensions
Height 5.375 Inches
Width 6.063 Inches
Length 8 Inches
Part Terminology Description
Marketing Description
Power Steering Pumps are often misdiagnosed as the culprit for noise or lack of pressure, when the actual cause is a clogged remote reservoir. CARDONE New Power Steering Reservoirs offer the option of a stand-alone replacement as well as a complement to a full power steering pump replacement. Each unit strictly follows the O.E. design, includes a reservoir cap and is 100% tested to ensure proper fit and function.
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