Welcome to PartsTech

PartsTech is an automotive web-based ordering platform designed to meet the needs of today's
mechanics, manufacturers and distributors.

Manufactures and Suppliers

PartsTech partners with leading OEM and aftermarket manufactures to provide the best available product information and images to repair facilities.

Parts Retailers and Distributors

PartsTech provides a new distribution channel for auto part retailers and an improved e-commerce experience for their customers.

Mechanics and Shop Owners

Our system allows repair facilities to quickly search and compare auto parts based upon quality, availability and price in a single query. Ordering parts online has never been so easy.

Smarter e-Commerce Through Automotive Data Innovation

The automotive aftermarket loses over $1 billion annually to incorrect orders, poor fitment and high return rates. At PartsTech, we believe those losses are avoidable.

PartsTech is focused on providing advanced e-commerce data solutions to the automotive aftermarket, streamlining the ordering process and reducing returns. Through partnership with many of the industry's top manufacturers and distributors, the PartsTech ordering platform provides the latest, most accurate price, fitment and availability information to help mechanics get the right parts, fast.

PartsTech Data Direct

PartsTech Data Direct allows our manufacturer and distributor partners to seamlessly upload catalog data into the PartsTech system. Uploading catalog files through PartsTech Data Direct allows catalog managers to take control of their data, pushing updates to market faster.

PartsTech e-Commerce Platform

The PartsTech e-commerce system is designed to help mechanics find the right part, fast. When a mechanic receives an incorrect part, it costs the shop and the distributor time and money. Often times, these errors are a result of incomplete or inaccurate catalog data.